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Tarot Medicine

Tarot opens a dialogue with your soul. It connects you to a wisdom beyond your conscious awareness & cultivates a working relationship with your higher self. 


In-person Session

I always encourage you to participate in the process, from pulling the cards to interpreting their meanings. I see myself as the space-holder and facilitator, happy to assist you in working out the deeper meaning, while empowering you to develop your own connection to the symbolism in the cards.


Email Reading

We work out the questions you would like to ask, keeping in mind that tarot isn't a fortune-telling device, but a potent tool to tap into your intuitive knowing. Collaborating with your higher self to bring forth wisdom from the creative part of your mind that may have been craving a voice,  I guide you into making empowered choices. 


Learn to Read Tarot Intuitively

If you crave having a deeper connection to your higher self & long to be able to quickly and intuitively bring forth insights from your subconscious mind, then learning to read the tarot will get you there in record time. I teach intuitive tarot in a way that helps you create a unique relationship with the cards, allowing you to get deeply personal insights.

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