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Who am I?

My name is Barbara Alexandra KraemerUntil I embraced the messy journey of shadow work I used to fear that I'd never be okay. For much of my life I would spend months stuck in depression, self-loathing and paralyzed by intense anxiety that others might actually notice how messed up I really was.


I was convinced that I was broken and that I would never be okay, because despite trying just about everything, nothing helped me feel like I belonged in this world. It wasn't until I trained in sound healing and coaching and started to diligently work on myself, befriend my inner child and sense into my soul that I started to heal at the deepest levels of my being. 

My Story

I was born to a young single mom who hid the pregnancy until she went into labor, in a family culture marked by war trauma, defined by the motto "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I learned early on that feelings should be suppressed and nothing of substance gets talked about.  What I remember most vividly is this vague yet all-encompassing feeling that I shouldn't be alive.


Two assaults in my early teens left me feeling fragmented and inherently broken. I developed CPTSD, yet on the surface, my life continued to 'work': I graduated school and later university with an honors. What people didn't see was that the emotional flashbacks repeatedly threatened to drown me.  I  struggled with a cruel inner voice and a deep lack of self worth, culminating in dating a verbally and emotionally abusive narcissist in my 30s who acted as a catalyst for my healing, as I finally recognized that something had to give.


After spending years self-effacing and slowly withering away inside - something that was reflected outwards in developing autoimmune issues - I finally recognized one day that no one was coming to save me.


Admitting to myself that something had to change was one of the hardest things I ever did. It involved walking out on my life as I knew it and becoming a single mother of two young children. Yet as I stepped forward into the unknown, I felt a deep sense of being divinely protected and connected to a benevolent power larger than myself.

Building my new life from scratch, I surrendered to this Divine Power. I asked for guidance on my purpose and for ways to be of service that would feel fulfilling to me, as well as be useful to many. That's when things started happening at lightning speed. Books, courses and teachers started to show up in my life as if by magic. I was guided into sound healing, EFT, spiritual and mindset coaching and so much more.


What I finally understood then was that we each hold the key to our healing inside our subconscious mind. A lifetime of unresolved trauma obscures and obstructs this healing power from doing its job, but when we start to remove the blockages, the divine wisdom of our Higher Self can get to work at restoring harmony in body, mind and soul

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